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What's going on in Tarifa at nights?

Tarifa Spain Nightlife Calendar


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04/08/2017 | 21:00     07/08/2017 | 23:59
Tarifa | Banti & Café del Mar
Vinylismo Summer 2017
Summer is time to party and Tarifa Spain provides tons of great location, where to drink and dance. Next Friday, August 4 and then 3 days after - on Monday, August 7 there will be 2 new editions... Find out more
29/07/2017 | 23:00     29/07/2017 | 23:00
Tarifa | Mandanga
Party in the Mandanga Club
In summer the nightlife in Tarifa Spain has no limit. Throughout all the town you find bars and clubs filled up with happy people from all Spain and Europe. It's a hot and exuberant... Find out more
28/07/2017 | 13:00     28/07/2017 | 13:00
Tarifa | Playa de Los Lances
OM-Beach-Club - Opening Party
This year have opened several new beach bars in Tarifa Spain. People are delighted to be on the beach and have a drink or something to eat, even on windy days this is a pleasant place, because... Find out more
20/07/2017 | 23:59     20/07/2017 | 23:59
Tarifa | Café del Mar
Los Suruba
The Café del Mar - definitely the most famous and international club in Tarifa Spain - celebrates its 10th anniversary. Nowhere else you will se more stars of the electronic music und... Find out more
08/07/2017 | 23:30     08/07/2017 | 23:30
Tarifa | Café del Mar
Shake Music Showcase
The most international and prestigious place to make party in Tarifa Spain is surely the Café del Mar. Since it opened its doors, the famous Café del Mar has become the number one... Find out more
08/07/2017 | 23:00     08/07/2017 | 23:00
Bolonia | Puertas Abiertas Jammis del Estrecho
Full Moon Party
What could be nicer than to make paty in summer under the moon light?! Next Saturday will take place the first Full Moon Party of this summer 2017 in Tarifa Spain. This party will last from... Find out more