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Clubs & Discos

Tarifa clubs and clubbing guide - All about clubs and clubbing in Tarifa with reviews

Reviews and photos of the best clubs and clubbing, disco & dance clubs in Tarifa

Tarifa is known for its boiling nightlife in the summer months. 

People from all over the world are not only attracted to Tarifa for its beaches and strong winds for watersports, but also for its uncountable parties and excellent vibes.

The clubs open their doors at 1 in the morning, but usually nobody goes before 3 am or 4 am when all the other bars are closed. After 4 am you have the rest of the night to be danced away in the Tanakas or the New Rif.

Here are some recommendations for clubbing in Tarifa:

Tanakas   The biggest club in the center with 2 dance halls. 15€ entrance incl. 1 drink.
La Ruina   Great style and electronic sounds for dancing until 4 am.
New Rif   Opposite the gas station. Modern design and mixed music styles.
Mosquito   Meet many pretty girls dancing here in the calle San Francisco.
Carpe Diem   Opposite the port, very well equipped and open til 4 am.


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