Hiking along the Strait of Gibraltar | Tarifa

Discover this beautiful trail directly on the coast of the Strait of Gibraltar, facing Africa.
You just walk from the port of Tarifa to the east and hardly one is out of town, you are right in the middle of the Andalusian countryside.
The route then slightly goes upwards and leads to the cliffs. From here you have stunning views of the Strait of Gibraltar. In the background pile up the rocks of the Moroccan Rif mountains, and you recognize the Tanger-Med port and also the city of Tanger.
Further down the trail you will see ancient towers, from the time when the Spaniards had to defend the coast against Muslim pirates coming from the south. All along the way there are wild-romantic beaches , some holiday houses and always you are aware of the so special place between Europe and Africa.
This trekking route ends after about 18 kms. by the Bay of Algeciras, opposite to Gibraltar.
Because this is a long distance, it's advisable to take the bus for the way back to Tarifa.
Strait of Gibraltar

"Trekking between the continents"