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What's going on in Tarifa at nights?

Tarifa Spain Nightlife Calendar


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07/11/2014 | 11:53     07/11/2014 | 11:53
Tarifa | Pepepotamos
DJ Adam Funkbody in the Pepepotamos Club
El "Pepepotamos" is one of the most popular clubs in Tarifa.  Over the next weekends the Pepepotamos will invite DJ's for a little change of the ambient. On Friday, November... Find out more
31/10/2014 | 20:00     31/10/2014 | 20:00
Tarifa | Bossa Bar Tarifa
Halloween party in the Bossa Bar
This coming Friday is Halloween in Tarifa - the most "terrifying" party of the year. There will be a costume party at the Bossa bar, next to the "Puerta de Jerez" - the... Find out more
14/11/2014 | 23:59     14/11/2014 | 23:59
Tarifa | Pepepotamos
DJ Juantxo Muñoz in the Pepepotamos Club
This Friday: DJ Juantxo Muñoz on the turntables in the Pepepotamos Club in Tarifa. A great clubber comes back to Tarifa. From 0:00 to 4 a.m. you can enjoy the best ruthms of the night in... Find out more
16/11/2014 | 21:30     16/11/2014 | 21:30
Tarifa | EcoCenter
Jam session in the EcoCenter
Jam session in the Ecocenter in Tarifa: On Sunday 16th of November this location will open its doors for a jam session night with invited musicians. There will be good music, good food, and of... Find out more
22/11/2014 | 20:00     22/11/2014 | 20:00
Tarifa | Banti Hotel
The Original Vinyl Party in the Banti Club
Next Saturday, November 22, 2014 will take place another edition of the already famous Banti Vinyl Party in Tarifa.  From 8pm you can enjoy the best music on vinyl in this club. The warm up... Find out more
24/12/2014 | 13:32     24/12/2014 | 13:32
Tarifa | Kubbeck
Christmas Party 2014 in the Kubbeck Club
First date for Christmas 2014 in Tarifa: The Kubbeck Club just anounced a big party on December 24th. Under the theme "Christmas in the Kubbeck of Sound" this prestigious club opens its... Find out more